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Inception's roaring soundtrack. Mad Max's breathtaking desert chase. Avatar's gorgeously lush planet. Moonlight's atmospheric cinematography... Some movie moments simply demand to be seen on the big screen.

Experience the immersive soundscapes of DOLBY AUDIO™, the deep blacks and true-to-life colours of 4K UHD, and the wow factor of an 86-inch screen. Never compromise again.

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dolby audio™

The power of the cinema experience is just as much about ENVELOPING SOUND as it is about razor-sharp images. WAVE TV's are equipped with DOLBY AUDIO™ to perfectly replicate the atmosphere of a movie theatre at home.



Netflix & Chill after a long day of work is just the best — that's why we added a dedicated button on your remote to jump straight into your favourite content. And for all the cat video fans out there, don't worry, we've got a YouTube button too. put your lifestyle first.

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WAVE TVs include Prime VideoWAVE TVs include VimeoWAVE TVs include NetflixWAVE TVs include YouTube

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 With all the latest advancements in colour, contrast, motion and detail, WAVE TVs provide the dream tv set for gamers. DOLBY AUDIO™ technology offers an extraordinarily realistic experience with captivating soundscapes that will fill your room with incredible sound depth and detail. Our 4K UHD screens will top off the gaming immersion with full colour volume, life-like details, and perfect visibility even in the darkest scenes.

an experience designed for


Our Android-powered operating system is designed to NEVER interrupt 
YOUR chill
. With one-touch-access to your favourite apps, a fast and user-friendly interface, smarter customisation, and instant content previews, you'll never even notice you're searching for something to watch.

never miss the

stadium thrill

86" TSUNAMI's and 75" MAVERICK's gigantic screens, electrifying sound, edge-to-edge images and brilliant colours will put you right in the middle of the action — able to analyse the smallest details of the game, without renouncing the enveloping excitement of the stadium experience.

the best tool for your

home office

In the age of digitalisation, Zoom meetings and collaborative workflows, a beautifully versatile big screen is precisely what you're missing. switch the desk for the sofa — you'll be able to instantly cast your files onto the screen, massively upgrade the quality of your video calls, and look at your spreadsheets without squinting. You're welcome.

your perfect

workout partner

We all wish we had that amazing workout partner who's always available for a last-minute session, eager to teach us something new, and happy to repeat the same step a million times until we've learnt it. invest in the right equipment to work out at home, so you can build exercise into a routine you'll stick to.

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